Video Game Olympics 2013


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Next meeting for VGO Planning is Monday, March 11th at 8:30pm!

Facebook event page for VGO

Date: March 16th, @6
Location: Trinkle, Basement + Trinkle 204


Category Game Platform Room (Trinkle) Medal Round? Staff Member
FPS Team Fortress 2 PC B12 Yes Sam duBusc
Rhythm DDR PS2 B36 No Jessica/Erik
Rhythm Guitar Hero or Rock Band Xbox 360 B52 No Alex Dudley
Fighting Super Smash Bros: Melee Gamecube B6 Yes Ben Harris
Arcade Tetris PC Web Browser B12 No Mike Crawford/Julie Randall
Arcade Donkey Kong PC Web Browser B12 No Mike Crawford/Julie Randall
Racing Mario Kart: Double Dash Gamecube B7 Yes Annika Lewis
Sports NBA Jam PS3 Conference Room Yes Moe Kahn
Misc Pokemon Stadium Minigames N64 B13 Yes Aisha Martin
Misc Wii Bowling Wii B13 Yes Regan Royster
Booby Round QWOP PC No


  • Nintendo 3DS
  • iPod Nano
  • $60 Gamestop Gift Card

Action Items

Item Responsible
Look into installing TF2 onto Windows Lab PCs and test Brennan
Talk to UMW IT network team about connecting a server into network Erik
Send email asking for equipment (TV, 4 gamecube controllers, Guitar Hero controllers) [Resolved] Stephen
Verify that Tetris/Donkey Kong will run on B13 workstations [Moved to B12] Patrick
Get together list of prizes/pizza/t-shirts; Find SWAM vendors Jess/Patrick
Meet with Finance Committee on Sunday Feb 17 @ 6:30pm [Pending Approval] Patrick/Brennan
Posters Jess
Send email to Stephen Aisha
Take posters to SAE and post around campus Brennan


The games denoted with a medal round above will have seperate rounds for the winners. The winners will compete bracket-style to find the best player for each game.

Location: Trinkle 204